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智慧聯網 Intelligent networking
  • Big data processing with fog computing
  • Middleware for Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Programming models and runtime systems for Fog/Edge Computing
  • Scheduling for Fog/Edge infrastructures with machine learning algorithm
  • Fog/Edge storage alocation with some clustering machine learning method
  • Monitoring/metering of Fog/Edge infrastructures and adaptive with AI technology
  • Fog/Edge Computing applications
  • Latency/locality-critical applications

Internet of Things & Wearable Devices (物聯網&穿戴式系統)
  • IoT Application with some AI technology
  • Smart Energy Grid with mechine learning
  • Machine to Machine(M2M)
  • Monitor Fitness
  • Wearable Biosensor
  • Wearable Sensor Based Gesture Recognition with SVM machine learning model
  • Wearable Indoor Localization with deep learning model
  • Wearable Sensor Networks with some neural network model to classification

Software-Defined Networks (軟體定義網路)

  • Scalability and Reliability in Software Defined Networking
  • Consistency in Multiple SDN Controllers
  • Network Virtualization
  • Traffic Monitoring and Measurement with machine learning clustering technology
  • Routing between Multi-domain Networks using reinforcement learning
  • Security and Access Control in Enterprise Networks

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (車載隨意網路)
  • Network protocols including MAC, routing, addressing, multicast, resource management, security and privacy
  • Design with multiple wireless data links (802.11p, WiMAX, WiFi, cell phone, GPS)
  • Safety and driver-assistance applications
  • Congestion control by cooperative data analysis
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission
  • Traffic and flow modeling and analysis
  • Data replication, caching and pre-fetching protocols

Cognitive Radio Network (感知無線電網路)
  • Spectrum-Aware Routing Protocols
  • Spectrum-Aware QoS Routing Protocols
  • Cooperative Routing Protocols
  • Cooperative Routing Protocols Using Network Coding
  • Energy-aware Delay-Sensitive/Delay-Constrained Routing Protocols
  • Opportunistic MAC Protocols
  • Cooperative MAC Protocols
  • Delay-Sensitive/Delay-Constrained MAC Protocols

Beyond 4G (後4G行動通訊網路)
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)
  • Massive MIMO
  • Multi-RAT
  • Small Cell Enhancement
  • Cloud-RAN
  • SDN-based Control Plane in 5G
  • Device to Device Communication(D2D)

Octopus?∠??皜?典像?啁陛隞?Introduction to WSN Platform "Octopus")
?拍?澆儔?仿?????鞈?餈質馱?a??蝟餌? Physiological Information Tracking and Limb Interaction System for Rehabilitation Exercises)
鈭粹?憪踹Z儘?蝟餌絞(The Gesture Recognition System)
蝯??芾粥頠撌??摰?????其??蝡??抒頂蝯(The Remote Monitor System with Mobile Robots and Fixed Cameras)
[憭批飛?典?憿]雿輻??頠詨??摨西璅?祇??脤?獢璟Special Topic](Using Two Tri-axial Accelerometers to Simulate Game Sticks )
[憭批飛?典?憿]?脣祕?-憭抒征皛曄??[Special Topic](Game Implementation)
?∠??皜祉雯頝臭???甇交?銵?(Time synchronization for WSNs)
?∠??皜?芾粥頠?敶(The Videos for Mobile Sensor Robots)

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