• Wireless communications protocols for AIoT
  • Sensors and actuator networks for AIoT
  • Power consumption optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Drones/UAVs for aerial surveillance
  • D2D communication for emergency/disaster management
  • Body area network wearable indoor localization with deep learning model
  • Middleware for Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Fog/Edge resources allocation
  • Low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks

  • Smart campus and smart cities applications
  • Big data analysis in AIoT
  • Big data processing with fog computing
  • Big data and AIoT data analysis
  • Big data and information integrity in AIoT
  • Scheduling for Fog/Edge infrastructures with machine learning algorithms
  • Fog/Edge storage allocation with clustering machine learning methods

UAV Networks and Applications(無人機網路及其應用)
  • UAV as a flying base-station, to enhance the capability of wireless network infrastructure
  • UAV as a relay node, to extend the communication range of the wireless network
  • UAV as mobile sensor, to collect environmental data from the area without deployed sensor
  • UAV as a gateway, to collect offline sensor data from sensors without backhaul connection
  • Optimization of the deployment and trajectory
  • Precise positioning for UAV flocking

Application of Deep Learning in Wireless Communications and Networking(深度學習在無線通訊和網路的應用)
  • Selection of optimal connection between UE and BS
  • Selection of optimal channel to avoid data collision
  • Optimal Resource allocation for UE of a BS
  • Optimal approach to offload mobile network to Wi-Fi
  • Optimal approach to allocate computing resource
  • Optimization for effectively packet forwarding
  • Automatic trajectory design and collision avoidance

Beyond 5G (後5G行動通訊網路)
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)
  • Massive MIMO
  • Multi-RAT
  • Small Cell Enhancement
  • Cloud-RAN
  • SDN-based Control Plane in 5G
  • Device to Device Communication(D2D)

無線感測網路之Time synchronization技術

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