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Fog Computing (霧計算)
  • Data centers and infrastructures for Fog/Edge Computing
  • Middleware for Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Programming models and runtime systems for Fog/Edge Computing
  • Scheduling for Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Fog/Edge storage
  • Monitoring/metering of Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Fog/Edge Computing applications
  • Latency/locality-critical applications

Software-Defined Networks (軟體定義網路)

  • Scalability and Reliability in Software Defined Networking
  • Consistency in Multiple SDN Controllers
  • Network Virtualization
  • Traffic Monitoring and Measurement
  • Routing between Multi-domain Networks
  • Security and Access Control in Enterprise Networks

Internet of Things & Wearable Devices (物聯網 & 穿戴式系統)
  • IoT Application
  • Smart Energy Grid
  • Machine to Machine(M2M)
  • Monitor Fitness
  • Wearable Biosensor
  • Wearable Sensor Based Gesture Recognition
  • Wearable Indoor Localization
  • Wearable Sensor Networks

Beyond 4G (後4G行動通訊網路)
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)
  • Massive MIMO
  • Multi-RAT
  • Small Cell Enhancement
  • Cloud-RAN
  • SDN-based Control Plane in 5G
  • Device to Device Communication(D2D)

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (車載網路)
  • Network protocols including MAC, routing, addressing, multicast, resource management, security and privacy
  • Design with multiple wireless data links (802.11p, WiMAX, WiFi, cell phone, GPS)
  • Safety and driver-assistance applications
  • Congestion control by cooperative data analysis
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission
  • Traffic and flow modeling and analysis
  • Data replication, caching and pre-fetching protocols



Cognitive Radio Network (感知無線網路)
  • Spectrum-Aware Routing Protocols
  • Spectrum-Aware QoS Routing Protocols
  • Cooperative Routing Protocols
  • Cooperative Routing Protocols Using Network Coding
  • Energy-aware Delay-Sensitive/Delay-Constrained Routing Protocols
  • Opportunistic MAC Protocols
  • Cooperative MAC Protocols
  • Delay-Sensitive/Delay-Constrained MAC Protocols

Octopus無線感測器平台簡介(Introduction to WSN Platform "Octopus")
適用於復健運動之生理資訊追蹤及肢體互動系統( Physiological Information Tracking and Limb Interaction System for Rehabilitation Exercises)
人體姿勢辨識系統(The Gesture Recognition System)
結合自走車巡邏與定點監視器之遠端監控系統(The Remote Monitor System with Mobile Robots and Fixed Cameras)
[大學部專題]使用雙三軸加速度計模擬遊戲遙桿[Special Topic](Using Two Tri-axial Accelerometers to Simulate Game Sticks )
[大學部專題]遊戲實作-大空滾球王[Special Topic](Game Implementation)
無線感測網路之時間同步技術((Time synchronization for WSNs)
無線感測自走車相關影(The Videos for Mobile Sensor Robots)

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