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  • Wireless communications protocols for AIoT
  • Sensors and actuator networks for AIoT
  • Power consumption optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Drones/UAVs for aerial surveillance
  • D2D communication for emergency/disaster management
  • Body area network wearable indoor localization with deep learning model
  • Middleware for Fog/Edge infrastructures
  • Fog/Edge resources allocation
  • Low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks

  • Smart campus and smart cities applications
  • Big data analysis in AIoT
  • Big data processing with fog computing
  • Big data and AIoT data analysis
  • Big data and information integrity in AIoT
  • Scheduling for Fog/Edge infrastructures with machine learning algorithms
  • Fog/Edge storage allocation with clustering machine learning methods

Wearable Devices(˸m)
  • Power consumption optimization in WSN
  • Sensing and smart environments
  • Body area network and wearable indoor localization
  • E-health applications and services
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • L2/L3 protocols for the IoT applications
  • Adaptive and Cooperative communications
  • Sensor technologies and systems
  • Novel applications, tools and devices
  • Wearables and user interaction

Software-Defined Networks (nwq)

  • Scalability and reliability in SDN
  • Consistency in multiple SDN controllers
  • Network virtualization in data centers
  • SDN and NFV APIs and protocols
  • Resource management for SDN or NFV-based systems
  • Traffic monitoring and measurement
  • Wildcard rules caching and cache replacement algorithms in SDN
  • Segment routing in SDN
  • Multicast algorithms in SDN
  • Multipath/Unicast routing in SDN

Cognitive Radio Network (PLuq)
  • Spectrum-aware routing protocols
  • Single radio channel-hopping schemes
  • Multiple radio channel-hopping schemes
  • Channel allocation algorithm with game theoretic approach

Beyond 4G (4GʳqT)
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)
  • Massive MIMO
  • Multi-RAT
  • Small Cell Enhancement
  • Cloud-RAN
  • SDN-based Control Plane in 5G
  • Device to Device Communication(D2D)

OctopusLuPx²(Introduction to WSN Platform "Octopus")
AΩ_BʤͲzTlܤΪ餬ʨt(Physiological Information Tracking and Limb Interaction System for Rehabilitation Exercises)
H髺տѨt(The Gesture Recognition System)
Xۨ޻PwIʵݺʱt(The Remote Monitor System with Mobile Robots and Fixed Cameras)
[jdzMD]ϥTb[t׭pC[Special Topic](Using Two Tri-axial Accelerometers to Simulate Game Sticks )
[jdzMD]C@-jźuy[Special Topic](Game Implementation)
LuPTime synchronization޳N(Time synchronization for WSNs)
LuPۨv(The Videos for Mobile Sensor Robots)
Google MapzyɯPAPP

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